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Installation of re-imagined traditional ball games.

Stalla Libra Gallery



Spielhaus (translation: playhouse) was an exhibition that Dubloon took part in to design and build alternative versions of games in the Gallery Stalla Libra.

Located in Sedrun a small town in the southern Swiss Alps lies a gallery called Stalla Libra a converted cow shed. With the vision of Fabio Hendry (curator and project manager) Dubloon was asked, along with 19 other designers to

design and construct two of the six rooms in the playhouse ; Mini-Golf and Table-Football. The outcome was table football stripped down and reinvented creating a mini journey through the town including the lakes, mountains and their famous town bridge. The mini golf was an eccentric version with holes crossing over one another featuring a Loop da Loop, Chip through da Loop and the almighty Impossible Hole.

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